Mays Majeed
American Eagle

“I took this class when I was 2 months shy of being 21 years old and I was still Interviewed by the airline recruiter. It was all thanks to FAPA! They connected me with the most important people in the airline industry. With their help, coaching and connections, I was able to secure an offer from several airlines. I actually started Flight Attendant Training on my 21st birthday! It was a very intense 4 weeks of training, but with their preparation, I nailed it! In fact, I just graduated and couldn’t be more happier!”

Rachel Kim
American Eagle

“This class is THE BEST! I made a huge career change and hesitated to make the jump but with the help of FAPA, they made it a very easy and seamless process. Thanks to the amazing team at Flight Attendant Prep Academy I was able to transition from working at a dental lab to working in the sky creating smiles every where I go! Thank you so much! I owe my FA career all to you!”

Darla Delehoy
Valedictorian of July 2019
Class American Eagle

“I just want to say thank you to FAPA! Your prep classes and coaching in the process of becoming a flight attendant have meant everything to me. Your class prepared me for everything from codes (giving me study hints) and being honest about what this career entails. I had an interview with an airline while I was still going to class and received a CJO and an offer to begin training with their company in a week! Lia and her team are a great support system and I feel I gained a family that will be with me throughout my career”

Annabel Ardnt
American Eagle

“First and foremost I want to say thank you to Lia and her team. The week you spend in this class is definitely filled with knowledge you want to know! All three instructors are there to help you; not just help, but MAKE SURE you succeed. Memorizing airports codes, doing demos, and learning about personal experiences are all a large part of your week in class. All students were granted a FACE TO FACE INTERVIEW with PSA Airlines. Do you know how rare it is to have that opportunity JUST coming in to the flight attendant business? And with that interview we had I was extended an OFFER FOR THE POSITION!!!! Lia and her team go above and beyond to make your experience worth while, and let me tell you, it is definitely worth your while. If you’re looking for an opportunity to spread your wings and become a flight attendant, I would start with Flight Attendant Prep Academy. I am forever grateful I found them!”

Noheli Ibanez
American Eagle

“Flight Attendant Prep Academy was the best decision I could’ve made! I graduated in April and received an offer in May, started training in July! I had three airline interviews and I don’t think I could’ve done it without Lia and Dominic! They’re super friendly and always there to help! This class was definitely worth it! I am so glad I took this leap of faith. I now have my wings and ready to fly! Thanks FAPA!”

Oscar Zuniga
Republic Airlines

“Its always been a dream of mine to become a flight attendant and travel to the ends of the world as well as be a part of the airline industry and it did happen, Thanks to Lia Volpe who runs “Flight Attendant Prep Academy”. I can’t even describe in words how amazing this program is, You just have to come be a part of it and experience it! Every morning I was greeted by the amazing instructors Dominic and Christina and they taught us so much essential things that would further your career as a flight attendant. Throughout the week we did mock interviews to resume building and airport codes so we stand out from other outside candidates. We even had airline recruiters from the the airlines come out directly to us and do face to face interviews!!! This is an overall 10/10 program you will love every second of it!!! If you are looking for your career please come to “Flight Attendant Prep Academy” and make your dreams come true!
“Go get your wings!” I got mine!”

Shaelynn Pierce
American Eagle

“I absolutely loved this program! Coming from a small town in MT I had no idea how to get started to become a FA. After doing my research, I found FAPA! Doing this class was by far the best decision I’ve made. Not only do they teach you so much information during those 7 days but they are there for you after the class as well with anything you made need help with. If you’re even considering taking this class, DO IT!! You won’t regret it. Thanks to these 3 lovely people I became a Flight Attendant!”

Leslie Cervantes
Compass Airlines

"To begin, I want to thank Lia, Christina and Dominic for being great mentors. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to attend FAPA. It has been the best decision I have made so far in my life. I met some incredible people since day one and I can honestly say it's a family feel. Just like a family, Lia and her team are there to support you and help you with as much as they can. I love that they don't give up on you until you succeed and continue as your mentors by giving you pointers at all times. They push you to be successful and thanks to that I have received a CJO and earned my wings from Compass Airlines! I'm super excited about this opportunity! Thanks FAPA!"

Bilha Mambo
PSA Airlines

“Words could not express how grateful I am that I came across this school! Lia and her team with Christina and Dominic are truly exceptional. They will teach you what you need to know and are also some of the greatest people you will ever meet!! Thank you so much for everything, I couldn't be happier!! I got an offer immediately after the school and I started training in two weeks! You guys are simply the best❤ I owe all of my success to you!”

Jenna Hudson
Psa Airlines

“Thank you Lia, Dominic, and Christina for your dedication to me, all of my classmates, and all those classes before and in the future! You all put soooo much effort in providing this wonderful opportunity to “fly” 🤩

I just graduated today and am now an official flight attendant thanks to Flight Attendant Prep Academy! Not even a month after I graduated from FAPA, I got my wings! See you in the sky!”

Mario Mioni
Envoy Airlines

“I recently moved to Arizona in the summer, and I knew I had to be at least 19 to apply for some airlines, so I just googled “flight attendant schools near me” And Flight Attendant Prep Academy was the top one, even better in Phoenix, Arizona! I immediately called the school and spoke with Lia. She went over everything the school has to offer, I was sold. Couple of months later I enrolled in the October 2018 class. Lia and the 2 instructors are so kind and open people, they want to help you succeed in a very competitive industry. They really push in class to be the perfect candidate. Going over, airport codes, resume building, interview questions and mock interviews. Even after the class is over Lia STILL keeps in contact and we communicated often. She will hold your hand all the way until you start flight attendant training. As a 19 year old, I could only apply with 4 airlines. Lia and the instructors pushed me to apply for all of them, knowing just because I was limited to a certain amount of airlines that didn’t mean anything.
I’m excited to say I recently got a CJO with an airline just shy of a month being 19. That’s right people! 19 and being with a wholly owned regional airline. Lia was with me during the whole interviewing process. We stayed up long nights, early mornings, preparing to land that CJO. This school is like none other! Lia and the 2 instructor eventually become life long friends!”

Karina Haynes
Mesa Airlines Flight Attendant

“It’s been a wonderful journey since I signed up at Flight Attendant Prep Academy in Scottsdale, AZ. Lia Volpe, Dominic and all instructors at the academy are simply amazing!!! They will guide you through your career in every step of the way until you reach the sky✈️❤️ I got two job offers right away!!! I am beyond Thankful for everything you guys have done for me. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️to FAPA”

Patrick Popun
PSA Airlines Flight Attendant

“I would recommend this to anyone who wants a career in the Airlines. This 7 day class teaches you all the basics to being a Flight Attendant. The instructors experience put together is over 30 years in the Airline Industry. Even after you have completed the course, you will still get help with Resume Building and One on One Interviews with Regional/ Major Airlines. This Academy is the real deal. I know because I became a flight attendant with a major east coast regional airline - PSA Airlines (American Eagle) Thank you FAPA!”

Saad Khan
PSA Airlines Flight Attendant

“Flight Attendant Prep Academy is the best school for getting hands-on experience. This school teaches you the best information and guarantees an airline interview. I graduated from this school in January 2019. I made great connections with this program. My instructors Lia, Christina, and Dominic are the best! They are very knowledgeable of the airline industry and are considered the best teachers in the field. I loved my journey in this school. Thank You FAPA for being a helping hand in my journey of becoming a Flight Attendant. I got a job offer from PSA from the Face to Face Interview and I just graduated from airline training. I am now ready to fly”

Jane Williamson
PSA Airlines

“Attending FAPA was a great choice for me. I debated because everyone says you can do it on your own, but then I see where some have waited years to make their dream come true. At 55 years old, I didn't have years to wait!

With everything I learned from the training material presented by Christina and Dominic and with the great resume and interview instruction received from Lia, I interviewed with PSA airlines while in Arizona and received my CJO 2 days after "graduation day".

So, if you're wondering if it's worth it... I say, YES. For me it definitely was worth my week, my time and money!”

Stephanie Gamez
PSA Airlines

“Flight Attendant Prep Academy was the best choice I've made this year!
If I didn't go to FAPA, I honestly don't think I would've made it in this competitive industry. It is such a process that I had no idea of, but with Lia sticking by my side and not giving up on me, I got 2 offers! Dominic and Christina were such amazing instructors!! I learned a lot from them from city codes to working on an outstanding resume to get me ahead on interviews! I appreciate their patience with us and making the class so much fun! Not knowing anything, I left with so much more! I established amazing friendships that I didn't think I was going to make and now I get to see them become flight attendants and hopefully work with with them soon. Thank you for everything and helping start my career path!

If you wondering whether this academy is helpful it’s a YES for me!”

Alexis Gutierrez
Mesa Airilnes Flight Attendant

“I cannot express how amazing this training was! Lia, Christie and Dominic were amazing, throughout this whole process they have been helping me with any questions or concerns I may have had. It hasn't even been a month this graduating FAPA and I start my training with Mesa Airlines at the end of this month!! This was the BEST course I have taken and it was Lia, Christie and Dominic who truly made it be the best! Thank you FAPA!!!”

Cody Sikes
Republic Airlines Flight Attendant

“Flight Attendant Prep Academy was so awesome! The instructors where exceptional! The knowledge and training I gained from FAPA insured that I was able to make it through my company’s flight attendant training and now I am living my dream of an office in the sky. Being a flight attendant is amazing and if you want to make your dreams a reality like I did, please call or check out FAPA today and you will be well on your way to becoming a flight attendant in no time. I highly recommend this Academy and back them 100%!”

Cicely Masden
Mesa Airlines Flight Attendant

“I truly believe that attending this program was seriously one of the best choices I've ever made in life. If you truly want to be a Flight Attendant but need a little help bringing that dream to reality and are willing to put in the work to make it happen then this school will be an incredible blessing in your life. It was SO MUCH fun! I loved every moment of this program and was actually sad Sunday knowing that it was the end of the program but I knew it was only the beginning of an incredible new journey. If you are wondering if this is a worth while program the answer is YES!”

Mariah Rojas
Republic Airlines Flight Attendant

“It was time for a change! After being in Law Enforcement for over 10 years, I decided to attend Flight Attendant Prep Academy and pursue my life-long dream as a Flight Attendant. During that time, I was able to learn the basics of Flight Attendant 101 including Airport Codes, Military Time, Time Zones and many other beneficial things. We even interviewed on the spot from one of the airline recruiters who flew all the way down from the East Coast. He flew down just to meet us in person! Because of the help and amazing coaching from the FAPA team, not only did I receive an offer but 4 of my classmates received an offer to start Flight Attendant Training. Take a chance and do it - Just like I did. It’s the best choice I have ever made.”

Glorimar Cartagena
Republic Airilnes Flight Attendant

“One of the best choices I ever made was to enroll in the Flight Attendant Prep Academy. Lia, Dominic, and Cristina were extremely helpful by teaching me the necessary information that molded me into the ideal flight attendant. They're knowledgeable, patient and so much fun! I had the pleasure of meeting and being interviewed by Tommy Sparks from Republic Airlines and I was offered a CJO. I start training on April 30th. I will always be eternally grateful to them for helping me achieve my dream career as a Flight Attendant.”

Tatiana Z.
American Eagle Flight Attendant

“If you need help with your FA applications, you can do a fast-track, expedited course with FAPA. I received amazing support from the FAPA instructors during my video interviews and it was great to have such a knowledgeable person from the industry sitting next to you while you’re recording an interview. FAPA not only makes sure that you learn information that you will need to stand out during a phone and video interview but helps to make sure your answers are perfect! This will also help to be successful during your ground training. It was great to learn airport codes, time zones and FA history. And, finally, FAPA becomes your first friend in the airline industry which is extremely important to succeed!”

Anfernee Price
Delta Connection Flight Attendant

"Going to Scottsdale Flight Attendant Prep Academy was the best decision I've made in my life so far! The instructors are incredibly knowledgeable and teach you everything you need to get your foot in the door into the aviation industry. I was astonished to have a job offer two weeks after the class was over. I am so happy I made the decision to attend FAPA! I am so incredibly excited to start my career as a Compass Airlines Flight Attendant and owe it all to the instructors at FAPA!"

Christina Clayton
American Eagle Flight Attendant

I can't thank the Flight Attendant Prep Academy enough! Within 3 weeks after my classes, two different airlines offered me a position and it's because of this program! Lia and Dominic have great tips and tricks for learning all of the airport codes and helped prepare me for my interviews and overall made me feel more confident! I'm truly happy that I enrolled because it has changed my life and I'm so excited to start flight attendant training on September 15th and will be based in Dallas, TX!

Cassandra Miles
United Express Flight Attendant

Attending Flight Attendant Prep Academy was one of the best choices I have ever made in my life. I am finally on a path that makes me feel successful and proud. My instructors were everything that I needed to help grow and mold me into a perfect Flight Attendant and I will be forever grateful. I started flight attendant training on August 28th; graduated and received my wings on September 21st! I can't wait to start my new Flight Attendant Career in the Friendly Skies! Thank you FAPA!

Cody Stone
United Express Flight Attendant

"What an experience Flight Attendant Prep Academy was! My instructors Lia and Dominic were outstanding and definitely knew how to prepare me for the road ahead. Couldn't have made it this far without them. If you are thinking of starting in this career, start with Flight Attendant Prep before you apply for jobs! Less than two weeks after graduating, I received an offer from SkyWest Airlines and I start my training on October 4th. Can't wait!"

Trina Morrison
American Eagle Flight Attendant

“My experience with Flight Attendant Prep Academy was nothing short of amazing. The instructors Lia and Dominic were fantastic to work with. When I made the decision to become a Flight Attendant, the most important aspect for me was the training and education I would receive. This training program offered me the tools I needed to start my career as a Flight Attendant, and gave me the confidence to present my skills in an interview, so that I could begin to soar to new heights. I am so happy I made the decision to seek training through Flight Attendant Prep Academy as their support played a key role in my success. This school has far exceeded my expectations and helped to open the doors to my new career. Simply put, they deliver! Thank you to Lia and all of the instructors for your support and your help in making this happen. I can’t say enough about how happy I am I made the decision to work with you, and how pleased I am to already have an offer with an Airline! This was one of the best decisions
I've made.”

Dennise Kieu
United Express Flight Attendant

“I recently graduated from FAPA and I can honestly say that attending this class was one of the best highlights of my life. Lia and Dominic are amazing instructors who help each and every person and go above and beyond class. I learned so most just in the week I attended and just because the class ended does not mean it's over. Lia is there every step of the way and if she could hold our hand in the actual interview, I'm sure she would lol, just because that's how good of a person she is and how much she cares. Every time I have a question, she is always there with an answer to help. I met amazing people in class and have friends for a lifetime if I could take it all over again I would. If you’re thinking about this, DO IT! You won't be disappointed! I took the leap and now I am an official Flight Attendant for SkyWest Airlines!"

Araceli Gutierrez
Virgin America Flight Attendant

"Dreams do come true!! I couldn't of have done it if it wasn't for the support and help of FAPA, Lia Volpe, and Dominic B. which helped achieve my goals of being a Flight Attendant!! Going to FAPA was one of the best investments in my life - it prepared me for airline interviews and helped me stay one foot ahead of the game giving me amazing odds at getting hired. After completing my FAPA training, I applied and got a phone interview and then Invited to a face 2 face and got my CJO (in offer with an Airline) all within a week! It felt amazing! I also did a video interview with a few different airlines and got offered a CJO from EVERY SINGLE AIRLINE (American, Frontier, Republic, Mesa and Virgin America). I have chosen VIRGIN AMERICA! Hard work and dedication does pay off!! Now excited to start training, ready to get my WINGS and fly! Starting a new chapter in my life, Flight Attendant life here I come!!"

Dominique McClendon
American Eagle Flight Attendant

“I was jumping from job to job and realized that I couldn’t do this anymore. Even though it gave me customer service experience and paid my bills, I was still unfulfilled in my life. I knew I couldn’t work at the Fedex store forever. Joining Flight Attendant Prep Academy has changed my life forever and I can’t thank them enough! I knew I was meant to do something so much more and couldn’t have done it without the help of FAPA, Dominic B and Lia V. There is a difference between a job and a career and I am so happy to announce that I am a Flight Attendant for an amazing airline.”

Amy Woori Bae
United Express Flight Attendant

"My name is Amy Woori Bae and I just graduated from Airline Training with Mesa Airlines! I graduated from FAPA in December and in less than 4 weeks I started my Airline Career on the 25th of January. Without the help from Lia, Dominic and Flight Attendant Prep Academy, I do not think any of this would be possible. Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to be a Flight Attendant. I applied to a few of the Airlines in the past, only to get rejected and rejected again. Lia (Flight Attendant Prep Academy) provided her assistance whole heartedly. Even with English being my second language, FAPA made my dreams come true! I highly recommend FAPA's services to anyone who has the dream of becoming a successful Flight Attendant!"

Lisa Kinney
American Eagle Flight Attendant

“Ever since I was a little girl, I remember making a promise to my cousin at 7 years old that we would both become Flight Attendants when we were older. She ended up becoming a Flight Attendant for a Major Airline and I became a Hair Stylist for 20 years. Having never lost this dream of becoming a Flight Attendant, I ended up pursuing it through Flight Attendant Prep Academy. Right away, I became the leader of our class and learned so much through training. We learned 250 Airport codes, Airline lingo, Military time and so many other things that are tested while in Airline Training. The FAPA Team also helped build my Resume and assisted with the Video interviewing process. I have forged great friendships and made unforgettable memories. Lia & Dom helped so much with the training. I was so nervous to step out of my comfort zone, but I did it! And I am now a Flight Attendant for Mesa Airlines!!”

Bryan Quint
Spirit Airlines

“For most of my life I was always searching for the one thing that I was great at doing. I kept trying different avenues to explore, but only few satisfied me. Everyone told me I would be a great Flight Attendant. I had been to an open house once before, but never put much thought or effort into it. I wanted to go after this great Career, and after doing my research I decided to attend FAPA! It was truly the best decision I could have made! Sure, I could have applied on my own; but I didn’t know what I was doing, I didn’t know what they truly were looking for, and I needed to stand out from the other 40,000+ applicants applying. It is a very short training program, only 1 week. However, in that one week you learn close to 300 airport codes, airline lingo, military time, airline standards, prep for your applications & interviews, and more. One of the most beneficial parts was being able to meet some of the Airline recruiters, as they look you up after meeting you once your application is in. The only bad thing was having to leave because we all had so much fun and became great friends in that short time. It didn’t even feel like your typical “CLASS”. Lia and Dominic are simply amazing and truly try to help you as best as they can in a fun way. I was Valedictorian for my class! I still can’t believe it, as I never thought I would excel so much in something. I now feel polished, confident, and ready to step into the role as a FA. I just graduated and received my wings and couldn’t be happier!"

Tanane White
United Express Flight Attendant

“I spoke with the sweetest gal I’ve ever encountered, Lia Volpe about attending
a class at Flight Attendant Prep Academy. I can honestly say hands down, that she is the exact same person as she was over the phone. Very sweet, caring, loving, HAPPY and a JOLLY person!! She told me, "Everything is going to go ‘Boom, Boom, Bam’!" And honestly, it really did! Now I'm off to Airline training to become a Flight Attendant! Anyone considering to become a Flight Attendant and wants something to prep them for that, here it is! They don't give up until you are a FA with soaring wings. She took care of me from the time I talked to her until the time I left and even 'til this day - has been here for me. Thank you so much Lia, I'm so thankful to have met you and to everyone on this journey, thank you too!”

Kesha Fryberg
United Express Flight Attendant

“I attended the Flight Attendant Prep Academy and had a wonderful experience! My one week course taught me almost everything I needed to know about becoming a flight attendant. Before coming here I had no idea what I was getting myself into. With Lia and Dominic's help I was able to learn everything from airport codes, military time, airport lingo, demos, and how to handle myself in any emergency situation. They introduced me to recruiters from different airlines, and within a month I was hired and at training! Now I am a flight attendant and couldn't be happier! I get to fly and get a career out of it! THANK YOU FAPA for guiding me through everything!"

Casey Taylor Black
United Express Flight Attendant

"FAPA Got me a job with a well-respected Airline, and with the knowledge I gained, I was able to pass my first couple of exams with that Airline. Most people would say that spending money on a course to prepare you is wasteful because any Airline will do that with training. However, it is my firm belief, that investing in your future is always the better bet. And The Flight Attendant Prep Academy is an investment worth making if you want your Flight Attending Dreams to come true."

Estelle Madueno
American Eagle Flight Attendant

"FAPA was the best choice I ever made. FAPA provided me with all the information I needed to succeed in becoming a Flight Attendant. Only 3 weeks later, here I am, a Flight Attendant ready to start my journey. Thank you so much Flight Attendant Prep Academy!!!"

Tyler Roederer
United Express Flight Attendant

"Less than 3 weeks after graduating from Flight Attendant Prep Academy, I started training with an amazing Airline and it's all thanks to FAPA! Thank you so much Lia and the rest of the Instructors, I can't say it enough! One of the best decisions I've ever made by far!"

Shauna White
United Express Flight Attendant

"Flight Attendant Prep Academy helped me so much with my dreams of becoming a FA. The instructors Lia and Dom are amazing, helpful and friendly. They helped me get on to the airline I wanted. The best part about going to this school was that it will help you learn certain terms, Airport Codes, Airline Lingo and much more that you will need to know during the Airline Training; hence making training much more easier. By far the best Career decision I have ever made. Every future FA should enroll in this class or even just visit the class just to see how fun it is!"

Sara Thurman
American Eagle Flight Attendant

"Flight Attendant Prep Academy is absolutely a permanent door to get you into an airline while other airlines have rejected you. With this program, Flight Attendant Prep Academy builds you up, preps you, educates you about airport codes, emergency evacuations, builds your resume to top notch professionalism for an Airline's expectations. So when you do get that face to face interview; you will already know what to wear, what to say, airline terminology and many other things that will help during airline training. Definitely well worth it! I joined this Academy to get my feet wet again after being out of the industry for 3 years back in October 2015.. A few months later I was hired with a Charter airline with GMJ and now I'm with my 2nd airline Mesa airlines flying as American Eagle. This industry is very competitive with thousands and thousands of Future Flight Attendants applying on a daily basis 24/7! Flight Attendant Prep Academy is 100 percent worth taking your first step into Aviation."

Cheyenne Springer
American Eagle Flight Attendant

"Have you ever thought about becoming a Flight Attendant and didnt know where to start? Or maybe you were like me and have tried but no success because you didn't know what you were doing. Well a friend posted about FAPA on her Facebook and I thought, let me call and see what its all about. At first, I didnt know what to think, but after talking to Lia, I knew I had to do this and sign up for the Academy. I got out there, she was the best instructor and she made class so much fun! She walked us step by step the whole way and even after graduating from the Academy, she was there for us! Well, im happy to announce, thanks to Lia and FAPA, I just got my CJO today as a Flight Attendant for Mesa Airlines and start training in 3 weeks from today! FAPA is the best thing that has ever happened! I now have a career at 20 years old!"

Santrice Jackson
American Eagle Flight Attendant

“Have you guys ever thought about becoming a Flight Attendant? Let me introduce you to one of the greatest Prep Academies! Lia Volpe is one of the most amazing hands-on instructors. She is 100% qualified in Airline training and uses her knowledge to get her students to their DREAM JOB! She was a Flight Attendant and knows everything there is to know about Flight Attendant Prep Academy! They drill you with different activities to ensure that you graduate! If you’re thinking about changing your career, this is where you need to start!”

Victor Iyua Jr.
American Eagle Flight Attendant

“I am a recent graduate of Flight Attendant Prep Academy and I am very happy to announce that I am currently a Flight Attendant for a Regional Airline. If it wasn’t for the Flight Attendant Prep Academy, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I have traveled all over the world, seen a lot of cool things and met a lot of people and it was all thanks to Flight Attendant Prep Academy! I love being a Flight Attendant and I would highly recommend attending this Academy!”

Kholton Mehl
American Eagle Flight Attendant

“Attending the Flight Attendant Prep Academy was one of the best things I've done! The Airline Industry is a complex line of work to get into, and this school gives you the basic tools and knowledge you need to make the application and interview process a much shorter one. Sure, the airlines will put you through training, but Flight Attendant Prep Academy will give you everything you need in order to be as prepared and confident as you possibly can be. I was able to create the perfect resume and get a great reference from Lia Volpe, and also got to meet recruiters from different airlines before I even applied! It's a great jump-start to a career and I would recommend it to anyone!”